We are a body of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ bringing life, hope, healing and blessing through His Word. We consider it important to stir one another to acts of love and good deeds, as well as encouraging the family of God to meet together to strengthen our relationship in the Lord Jesus especially now that the day of His return is drawing near.

Brief History:

Christ's Fellowship Church began in May of 1981 with a small group of people who longed to experience a more openness to a Davidic pattern of worship. There was a longing for more of the influence of the Holy Spirit and the ministry of God's Word of faith in all aspects of life. In the beginning five months we held services at a local school and during that time were able to purchase a building and began the remodeling process so that  before the end of the year services could be held in  the remodeled facility. In 1986 an addition was added to aid a growing congregation.  Over the years we have experienced and enjoyed the outpouring of God's Spirit, passionate worship and the ministry of His Word which still continues today.