We Value God the Father, God the Son Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit:

 Therefore we submit ourselves wholly unto Father, Son and Holy Spirit

 We Value Godly Love:

 Because God is love, as His children, we value and honor His love for us and for others.

 We Value Prayer:

We value communicating with our Heavenly Father by prayer both privately and corporately and acknowledge our dependence upon Him for provision and discerning His will.

 We Value God’s Word:

 We value God’s Word as divinely inspired and relevant for our daily lives.

 We Value Worship:

We acknowledge the supreme value and worth of God who delights in Biblical  expressions of worship and praise.

 We Value Christlikeness:

 Therefore we strive to be like Christ in conduct, speech, actions and attitude.

 We Value Excellence:

We believe that the God of our salvation deserves the best we have to offer and we are committed to excellence in all that we endeavor, to the honor and glory of God.

 We Value Relationship:

We value a healthy loving relationship with God’s people that affects every aspect of Church life resulting in unity and love.

 We Value People:

We recognize the eternal value of every individual, and commit to love, care and support of the spiritual nurturing of each individual.

 We Value Commitment:

We will be steadfast, faithful, loyal and joyful through the giving of our time, talents and money in service to Jesus and His kingdom and to one another.

 We Value Servanthood:

Jesus was a servant and instructed His followers to be like Him. We give ourselves to the highest good for our brothers and sisters in Christ and the community in which we live.

 We Value Missions:

Jesus commissioned His followers to extend His kingdom to all the earth. We will make known the Gospel of Jesus Christ by reaching the lost in our community and the world.